They’re not curtains…they’re window treatments


My sister-in-law has an interior decorating business – Dona Designs –  for those of you who are interested in her services.  She offered to help me with our window treatments.  Well, my taste is a little different than hers and my choices of fabric were a little vibrant for her taste, but reluctantly she let me choose my favorites.  They were beautiful and pricey even at the extreme discount she gave me.   I was very excited about the price she gave me over the phone and couldn’t wait to tell JD.

I came home and fixed him a wonderful dinner that night and prepared to tell him the cost of the window treatments.  The grand total was almost $1,000 for 2 roman shades and 2 windows.  (Dona was kind enough to do our main window as our house warming gift.)  Well, when I told JD the cost for the window treatments, he was quick to ask why we were paying $1,000 for four curtains?!  It was then that I had to explain the difference between window treatments and curtains.  This is very similar to explaining gravity to a 4-year-old.

The idea of doing it yourself is great.  In fact, I have been called a “man” in the past because I caulk and putty and paint.  I love working around my house and being productive on my own.  However, there is something to be said about being able to pamper yourself with services such as interior decorating, massages, and pedicures.  A woman needs those things some times.  Yes, it’s more expensive than cookie dough, but it lasts longer too and I’ve never had one of these services pack on extra pounds to the scale.

Finally, Dona came and helped us install one set of drapes in the dining room and I absolutely cannot wait to get the rest.  After Dona left, I told JD that the curtains really made the living room, dining room, and kitchen complete.

I realized he understood why we spent the extra money when he corrected me saying they were “window treatments.”

Pictures of the windows to come when the others are finished…Thanks Dona!


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  1. You’re the best sis in law ever:)) I am glad that your are happy with your “window treatments”!!! Ask JD if he wants to be an installer on his days off! Good extra money for him to buy more drapes!!

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